Dr. E. Khosravi (Chem. Dept., Durham Univ.) JGP Seminar
2015/06/26   [Updated date : 2017/09/21 ]

JGP Seminar by Dr. Ezat Khosravi (Durham University, UK)
June 26 (Fri) at A Cluster A2-303

13:00-14:30 Smart Temperature Responsive Polymers with LCST at Fever Temperature

Contact: Prof. K. Akagi (TEL: 075-383-2595)

JGP Seminar_Dr. Ezat Khosravi (修正版)

Prof. R. Borsali (CNRS and Grenoble Alpes Univ.) JGP Seminar
2015/06/29   [Updated date : 2017/09/21 ]

JGP Seminar by Prof. Redouane Borsali (CNRS and Grenoble Alpes University, France)
June 29 (Mon) at A Cluster A2-306

13:30-15:00 Bio-based Block Copolymer Self-Assemblies: Ultra High Resolution Thin Films for Opto- and Bio-Electronic Devices

Contact: Prof. M. Sawamoto (TEL: 075-383-2600) or AssJGP Seminar_Prof. R. Borsalioc. Prof. M. Ouchi (TEL: 075-383-7127)

JGP Seminar_Prof. R. Borsali

Explanatory Session for Online Library
2015/06/16   [Updated date : 2017/09/21 ]

An explanatory session for Wiley Online Library will be held:
June 16 (Tue) at A Cluster A2-305

13:00-14:30 Contents are seen in the PDF below.

Book Titles

Online Library説明会

Prof. Z. Lin (Georgia Inst. Tech.) JGP Seminar I, Chemistry
2015/06/03 - 2015/06/09   [Updated date : 2017/09/21 ]

JGP Seminar I, Chemistry by Prof. Zhinqun Li (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA)

June 3(Wed), 8(Mon), and 9(Tue) at A Cluster A2-304

June 3 (Wed)
14:45-16:15 Lecture #1 Quantum Dots and Quantum Rods
16:30-18:00 Lecture #2 Crafting Semiconducting Nanocrystals with High Quantum Yield and Intimate Conjugated Polymer-Semiconducting Nanocrystal Nanocomposites

June 8 (Mon)
14:45-16:15 Lecture #3 Solar Cells
16:30-18:00 Lecture #4 Titanium Dioxide-Based Nanomaterials for Solar Energy to Electricity and Chemical Energy Conversions

June 9 (Tue)
14:45-16:15 Lecture #5 Learning from "Coffee Rings": Ordered Structures Enabled by Controlled Evaporative Self-Assembly (CESA) and Flow Enabled Self-Assembly (FESA)"

Contact: Prof. H. Imahori (TEL: 075-383-2566)


Lecture by Prof. Bornscheuer (Greifswald Univ.)
2015/03/18   [Updated date : 2017/09/21 ]

Announcement of the JGP lecture by
Prof. Uwe T. Bornscheuer (Dept. of Biotechnology & Enzyme Catalysis Institute of Biochemistry, Greifswald University).
Title: Enzyme discovery, protein engineering and application in cascade reactions for organic synthesis of valuable chemicals
Time: March 18, 2015 (Wed) 15:00-17:00
Place: Lecture Room 307 (Building A2, Katsura Campus)

For further details, please contact Haruyuki Atomi at 075-383-2777


日時: 平成27 年3月18 日(水) 15:00〜17:00
場所: 京都大学桂キャンパス A2棟 3階 307号室
講演者: Prof. UweT. Bornscheuer (Greifswald University)
講演タイトル: Enzyme discovery, protein engineering and application in cascade reactions for organic synthesis of valuable chemicals

連絡先: 合成・生物化学専攻・跡見 晴幸
(TEL 075-383-2777)

workshop on micro chemical processes
2015/01/28 - 2015/01/29   [Updated date : 2015/02/27 ]

Prof. Strano (MIT) SGU seminar
[Updated date : 2015/02/27 ]

Prof. Strano (MIT) will hold the 15th SGU seminar at Katsura Campus.