Message from the Director

The Graduate School of Engineering includes six chemistry-based departments: Material Chemistry, Energy and Hydrocarbon Chemistry, Molecular Engineering, Polymer Chemistry, Synthetic Chemistry and Biological Chemistry, and Chemical Engineering. Made up of more than 180 faculty staff (professors, associate professors, senior lecturers and assistant professors), these departments constitute one of the world’s largest graduate schools in chemistry. Research interests cover an extensive range of topics in the field of chemistry, from molecular-level theoretical analyses to responses to global environmental or energy issues. By drawing fully on the strengths of these departments, we aim to foster researchers with a broad vision and an international mindset. In addition, in pursuit of a range of educational endeavors, faculty members cooperate not only across departments but also with the faculties of international partners.

The program provided by the Japan Gateway: Kyoto University Top Global Course in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering focuses on nurturing students in the chemistry and chemical engineering related departments with the ability to consider confounding issues from multiple viewpoints, find novel solutions that go beyond and dramatically improve the existing alternatives, and send clear messages toward the rest of the world from Japan. The program welcomes highly motivated applicants with a strong interest in being educated through internship programs abroad and in joint-research projects with overseas universities.


Yoshiaki Nakao

Director, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Unit

for the Top Global Course

Kyoto University

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